Unity of Consciousness for Marketing

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Conscious Marketing Course

Conscious Marketing Course

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This online course aims to teach about conscious marketing and focus on your inner world to make you recognize your unique gift and infinite power.   

As part of our mission-oriented approach, we are committed to providing continuous support even after you complete the course. Following the course, we will offer complimentary coaching services for the next two months to ensure your continued progress.

We can drive innovation and build more sustainable, socially responsible businesses by embracing conscious marketing. Conscious marketing is the way of the future, and I'm committed to sharing my expertise and insights with others who share this vision. Whether you're a seasoned marketer or just starting, this course will provide the tools you need to impact your marketing efforts positively. Please click here to learn what participants will learn.

"We" are here to cocreate for collective."  

Course Outline

"The Conscious Marketing work-shop goes beyond traditional marketing techniques by emphasizing the importance of inner work for outer work. As an entrepreneur who has worked with various marketing agencies, I found this approach mind-blowing."

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