WE + Badge Assessement

Conscious Marketing Badge: Assessment Criteria

  • Open disclosure of marketing methods used.
  • Clear communication regarding product or service features, without misleading claims.
Ethical Sourcing and Representation:
  • Marketing materials should source images, data, and content ethically.
  • Fair representation of all demographics without perpetuating stereotypes.
Consumer Privacy:
  • Respect and protect consumer data.
  • No sharing of data without explicit consumer consent.
Honesty in Claims:
  • Avoid exaggerated or false claims about products/services.
  • Provide evidence to back up any claims made.
Sustainable Practices:
  • Promote and practice sustainability in marketing campaigns.
  • Use of eco-friendly materials for physical promotions.
Inclusive and Diverse Representation:
  • Ensure marketing campaigns are inclusive of various demographics.
  • Actively avoid cultural appropriation.
Engagement with Stakeholders:
  • Encourage feedback from customers and stakeholders.
  • Incorporate feedback to improve marketing strategies.
Community and Social Responsibility:
  • Demonstrate commitment to community initiatives or charities.
  • Ensure marketing campaigns do not harm societal values or encourage negative behaviors.
Education and Awareness:
  • Use marketing platforms to raise awareness of social, environmental, or ethical issues when relevant.
  • Provide educational content for consumers to make informed choices.
Fair Pricing and Value:
  • Avoid price manipulation tactics.
  • Provide genuine value to the consumer without hidden fees or charges.
Continuous Improvement:
  • Regularly review and update marketing strategies to align with conscious marketing principles.
  • Engage in training or workshops to stay updated with ethical marketing trends.
Partnerships and Collaborations:
  • Engage with partners or brands that also uphold conscious marketing principles.
  • Avoid partnerships that conflict with ethical marketing standards.

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