WE7™ Activation Roadmap

The We Media, an AI marketing agency, is leading the way in conscious marketing and business practices, drawing inspiration from pioneers such as Chobani, Patagonia, Rebbl, and Trader Joe's. Our innovative WE7™ Activation Roadmap, crafted around the concept of the seven chakras, harmoniously combines inner activities like personalized well-being programs with external elements such as workshops and AI-driven marketing growth services. This unique approach seamlessly integrates Sustainable Development Goals and Inner Development Goals, resulting in measurable and purpose-driven outcomes across all seven modules, each corresponding to a specific chakra.

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Purpose Creation

Inner Journey/Value Creation



Speak/Target Audiences

Do/Healthy Profit



The We Media places co-creation at its core, actively involving experts, spiritual practitioners, marketers, and organizations from around the globe in its ongoing development. The foundation of TWM is built upon a diverse range of expertise, including mind-body-soul practitioners, data scientists, marketers, and inner works experts. The frameworks developed by TWM are a culmination of experience, data-driven insights, and conscious principles.




Inner World

Customized well-being program, spiritual intelligence coaching sessions, or Q&A sessions.

Q&A calls, meetings in person or Zoom call 


Marketing efforts data, ROI, ROAS, Conversion rate analyze

on Google Analytics, Google Web Master, CRM tools

Outer Impact

Restructure marketing campaigns, channels, strategy, creatives, copywritings, AI marketing implementations, communication map, setting up advanced tracking system, impact measurement

TWM's advanced actionable reporting will guide the companies