Purpose Creation with Science

Purpose Creation with Science

If the company has 15 more people, it means a collective consciousness operates all aspects of the business. The We Media works with those companies to find out the overall collective consciousness of the companies using scientific methods.

We’re Listening & Providing Scientific Understanding 

«Moment» as a unit of analysis

Because context crystallizes in the moment

ANLAmap includes moment-centered data creation processes.

Thus, the processes of "understanding, meaning-making" are opened to exploration in the widest scope.

Participatory data creation processes are used with the possibilities of digital technology.

Data creation processes are designed according to the needs and appropriate tools are selected.

Because every research is a design process!

The We Media works with Anla.Map's science behind methodology to tab company's conscious to create conscious marketing strategies for reaching your real target audience and create healthy profit. 

What is Anla.Map?

ANLAMap is a method for discovering and mapping the meaning. The ANLAMap method focuses on the moment as a unit of space-time. The moment contains infinite potential and its unfolding into reality can be analyzed more holistically from a complex system perspective.

ANLAMap is open to encompassing the whole reality (natural-social) that unfolds at the moment. It is open to evolving with digital technologies and a dynamic systems approach. It combines interactionist sociology with enactivism.  


Meaning is revealed layer by layer through maps.

In a systems thinking approach, the micro and macro components of the moment are visualized with maps


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